Which GreaseMax® Single Point Lubricator is right for you? Safety, Shelf Life, Environment & Quality





There are no hard and fast rules for selecting the type of GreaseMax® to be used on any given application. Every bearing is different, the variety of operating conditions is unlimited and other factors need to be taken into account such as wear, seal condition, moisture presence, heat, etc. However the following can be taken as a guide:

For shaft sizes greater than 160mm, use one or more GreaseMax® coupled together.  If moisture, severe dirt or dust, wear, heavy vibration or other factors are present, consideration should be given to using a quicker acting GreaseMax®.

Additionally, the following "rule of thumb" may prove helpful:

In terms of strokes per day from a small hand grease gun, output approx. 0.6cc per stroke, the GreaseMax® discharge is roughly equivalent to:


GreaseMax® and the lubricants used in it have a shelf life of 2 years. The units should be installed within this period to ensure optimum performance. A date of manufacture appears on the side of GreaseMax® as a 4 digit number representing month and year as mmyy.


GreaseMax® will improve plant personnel safety by reducing the need to visit hazardous plant and equipment to lubricate. When properly installed, it is possible to change GreaseMax® without stopping moving machinery, saving on down time.

GreaseMax®, made in Germany, is a safe product. Both the production and the GreaseMax® unit have safety certification from the German and world wide TüV safety organization. The following TüV certification symbols are licensed for use on GreaseMax®:

GreaseMax® has been tested as required by all the relevant statutory German Safety Authorities and approved for both manufacturing and mining, including underground coal mining, without restriction. Further details are available on request.

GreaseMax® uses a small quantity of 28% solution of potassium hydroxide as part of its operation. For this reason it is important that the activating cap is not loosened or removed after the GreaseMax® is placed in service. The screw cap is designed to prevent liquid under pressure exiting the unit. If this does occur wash any affected skin areas with water and refer to the MSDS. Note that it is not possible for the liquid to escape unless the unit is deliberately cut open or opened as above. Internally the steel piston has rubber seals so that in the unlikely event that the neoprene diaphragm is damaged the liquid cannot escape into the lubricant.

GreaseMax® is designed to partially release the plastic cone from the metal body when discharge pressure exceeds 150 psi. This is to prevent continued pressure build up to dangerous levels.

Should a GreaseMax® be observed in this state immediate maintenance is required as this situation is generally caused by blockages of the grease ways by old grease.


Expired GreaseMax® should placed in the industrial waste or recycled. Pressure is retained for a period after the service life is completed and this, combined with good housekeeping, means they should not be left lying around. GreaseMax® does not contain any item which precludes burial in land fill either according to law or according to good environmental practice. They may be recycled but the method should be chosen with care as GreaseMax® should not be opened because of the residual pressure that remains for a period after expiry and as they contain a small quantity of caustic solution.


GreaseMax® is manufactured to the highest quality standards. The manufacturer as well as GreaseMax®USA are committed to providing the best product of this type together with the best technical support and training of personnel. As part of this commitment we will not introduce any element into the design of GreaseMax® which can contribute to unreliability, such as electrical or mechanical components, plastic bodies, or by reducing components or using cheaper material including lubricants, to save on production costs

GREASEMAX®USA is the sole distributor within the United Sates of the German engineered automatic lubricating units which is rapidly becoming Internationally renowned for it’s proven reliability, cost-effectiveness, direct maintenance savings, improved production availability, reduced maintenance down time and elimination of some Occupational Health & Safety issues.

GreaseMax® is manufactured to the highest Quality Standards. As part of this commitment we will not introduce any element into the design of GreaseMax which can contribute to unreliability- such as electrical or mechanical components, plastic bodies, or by reducing components or using cheaper material including lubricants, to save on production costs. Grease Max® units are manufactured in Offenburg - Germany. Marketing Headquarters for GreaseMax® International is located in Australia, managed by Delta Distribution Pty Ltd.

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