Operation and Installation of GreaseMax® Single Point Lubricators




GreaseMax® is activated by screwing in the color coded plastic starter cap. The color coding of this cap should match the color coding of the plastic activating screw in the base of GreaseMax®, (into which this cap is screwed). 

When the starter cap is screwed in, a controlling element located internally in GreaseMax® is forced into a reagent, contained in a neoprene expansion diaphragm. When this occurs a galvanic reaction commences, and gas is produced. The gas expands the diaphragm and as it does so a steel piston (located between the diaphragm and the lubricant) is pushed down and the lubricant is forced out. 

GreaseMax® requires a minimum of approximately 8 hours for a type 1 unit to approximately 40 hours for a type 12 unit to develop sufficient internal pressure to commence discharging lubricant. This period is normally not a problem for well maintained bearings however if lubrication is required in less than the start up period then activate GreaseMax® in advance. 

GreaseMax® has no internal pressure prior to activation. Pressure is developed, and the lubricant discharge pressure is virtually in equilibrium with bearing or grease line resistance. 

The chemical reaction is so designed as to give a constant rate of reaction, over the whole life of the unit. This results in a constant lubricant output. The GreaseMax® discharge rate is not affected by bearing or seal condition, movement, vibration, etc. 

It is often assumed that GreaseMax® has some sort of pre-loaded internal pressure. This is not the case. If it were, GreaseMax® could not operate as a truly self regulating automatic lubricator as it would then rely on bearing and line resistance to control its operation.

The starter caps are color coded. Ensure that the color of the starter cap matches the color of the activator screw in the base of the GreaseMax®, into which the starter cap will be screwed.
Screw the starter cap in hand tight. (While the starter cap is being turned down, the seals will be heard to break. Continue to turn the starter cap in until it is tight).
Then use a screw driver or similar with a shank size of 8mm - 10mm to tighten the cap FIRMLY (approximately 1/4 of a turn more). This is essential to ensure a gas and liquid tight seal.  Do not loosen the starter cap or attempt to remove it. 

When this has occurred GreaseMax® is operational. Allow the following minimum starting times: 1 month units - 8 hours, 3 month units - 24 hours, 6 month units - 30 hours, 12 month units - 40 hours, for lubricant discharge to commence. (see "Operation of GreaseMax®"). 

Pre grease with a grease gun before the first installation. The short time delay will not adversely affect bearings which have been properly pre greased before the installation of GreaseMax®. For subsequent installations, pre greasing is not necessary as prior use of GreaseMax® will have ensured that there is adequate grease in the bearings. 

Pre-greasing before the first installation of GreaseMax® is also important to ensure that all grease ways are free of old hard grease which can block completely the grease ways. 

GreaseMax® is designed to operate in most conditions such as... 
Areas of severe vibration. (If this includes high shock loading, to prevent long term failure of the plastic mounting points, use mounting brackets and flexible feed lines, supplied by DIS. 
Underwater or wet installations.  GreaseMax® is not affected by large daily temperature cycles which can cause condensation problems with some types of equipment. 
Heat and cold (see discharge table below for discharge rate variations) 
• GreaseMax® units with grease may be mounted in any position. Movement is OK but brackets may be required to support the unit. 
GreaseMax® is designed to operate at an average environmental temperature of 250C. The discharge rates and operating period of GreaseMax® will be different if the average temperature is different. The following tables gives details.
Note: The average environmental temperature is the average temperature that occurs over the whole life of the unit. 

Temperature variations above or below 250C over a short period of time will have little or no affect on the overall life of GreaseMax®. For example, periods of exceptionally hot or cold days.
GreaseMax® can develop a maximum discharge pressure of approximately 150 psi. In practice, the operating pressure is much lower than this as the pressure required to move grease into a rotating bearing, with the grease nipple removed, is not great. GreaseMax® holds the output pressure virtually in equilibrium with grease way resistance. 
A grease gun needs high pressure, principally to overcome the resistance of the grease nipple. It also has to get grease into a stationary bearing, which can require a lot of pressure in some instances. 
GreaseMax® has enough pressure to move grease through 2 meters of extension line. See below for details. 

GreaseMax® builds up discharge pressure to the point where fundamentally a balance exists between the resistance of the grease way and the output pressure of the GreaseMax®. For example, if GreaseMax® is activated and allowed to discharge without
being placed on a bearing, the full operating period will be taken before the unit is empty. If GreaseMax® is activated and placed on a grease-way requiring pressure GreaseMax® will build up to this pressure and then discharge according to its’ normal operating period. GreaseMax® adjusts to grease way resistance, but does not rely on this resistance to control its' operation. 
GreaseMax® will maintain the pressure balance. If something occurs to change the grease way resistance then GreaseMax® will automatically adjust its' discharge pressure to accommodate this change. 


GreaseMax® may be used with extension lines supplied by DIS for remote positioning. Extension lines are also useful for installations where extreme movement or shock loadings may be applied to the GreaseMax®. In this case, mount the GreaseMax® firmly in a bracket (which DIS can supply) and feed the lubricant into the bearing via tubing.
Note: It is possible to install GreaseMax® on longer feed lines than the above. For proposed installations outside these limits consult DIS for specialist advice. 

All extension lines MUST be pre-filled with lubricant. We recommend only nylon extension lines, so that the condition of the lubricant can always be observed. 


GreaseMax® can be used with a variety of oils for lubrication of bushes, slides, chains, conveyors, -for example to lubricate the undersides of steel slat type conveyors used in applications such as bottle manufacturing and so on. 

GreaseMax® oil units should be mounted with the outlet upwards or preferably used with a control valve (Part Number GF16000) to prevent the oil draining out if the outlet is downwards or if the GreaseMax® oil unit is feeding an extension line, particularly if the extension line feeds vertically upwards. 

Chain lubrication: GreaseMax® can efficiently and economically lubricate chains of all types. You will need to use 115 oil which has special tacky additives for use on chains, slides etc. and some fittings: a control valve, a bracket, a brush and possibly a flexible extension line. A full list of GreaseMax® product codes and fittings is on the fittings page.Operation_of_GreaseMax_files/Block%20%26%20Units.pxm

GREASEMAX®USA is the sole distributor within the United Sates of the German engineered automatic lubricating units which is rapidly becoming Internationally renowned for it’s proven reliability, cost-effectiveness, direct maintenance savings, improved production availability, reduced maintenance down time and elimination of some Occupational Health & Safety issues.

GreaseMax® is manufactured to the highest Quality Standards. As part of this commitment we will not introduce any element into the design of GreaseMax which can contribute to unreliability- such as electrical or mechanical components, plastic bodies, or by reducing components or using cheaper material including lubricants, to save on production costs. Grease Max® units are manufactured in Offenburg - Germany. Marketing Headquarters for GreaseMax® International is located in Australia, managed by Delta Distribution Pty Ltd.

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