Changing GreaseMax® Single Point Lubricators




Ideally GreaseMax® should be used in conjunction with the plant maintenance schedule. This minimizes the time taken for lubrication and ensures that an orderly change over of expired units takes place.

GreaseMax® are designed to have a small service life overrun to prevent damage to bearings if the changeover date is not accurately kept. For example, a type 3 unit, at normal temperature, will operate for 100 days, which is of course 9 days more than the 91 day average for 3 consecutive months.

We recommend that time is not spent checking for the piston to appear in the cone of the unit after expiry of the scheduled time. It is far more economical to change the units on a fixed schedule, even if a small amount of grease remains. In any event the costs and savings are calculated on set time periods, and the cost in time of attempting to exceed these periods with the resulting requirement for very regular checking is more than the value of the small amount of lubricant remaining.

GreaseMax® is designed so that the piston will first become visible as a silver ring in the plastic end cone when there is approximately 10% of lubricant remaining. This is to give a visual forward warning of expiry. GreaseMax® will continue to operate until all lubricant is expelled. At this point all of the piston is visible.

Caution: When using Moly grease in GreaseMax® the piston may not be visible at expiry. (This is due to the opacity of the grease).

GREASEMAX®USA is the sole distributor within the United Sates of the German engineered automatic lubricating units which is rapidly becoming Internationally renowned for it’s proven reliability, cost-effectiveness, direct maintenance savings, improved production availability, reduced maintenance down time and elimination of some Occupational Health & Safety issues.

GreaseMax® is manufactured to the highest Quality Standards. As part of this commitment we will not introduce any element into the design of GreaseMax which can contribute to unreliability- such as electrical or mechanical components, plastic bodies, or by reducing components or using cheaper material including lubricants, to save on production costs. Grease Max® units are manufactured in Offenburg - Germany. Marketing Headquarters for GreaseMax® International is located in Australia, managed by Delta Distribution Pty Ltd.

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