Advantages of GreaseMax® Single Point Lubricators




Cost Savings

Direct cost savings over manual greasing by reducing the necessity to stop machinery & production for lubrication.

Indirect cost saving with reduced maintenance and down time from bearing failures caused by incorrect or missed lubrication.

Maintenance Advantages

Lubrication occurs when the plant is in operation, when it is of the most benefit. Constant replenishment of new grease, which minimizes bearing wear. The bearing is sealed while GreaseMax® is in use. Dust and moisture are prevented from entering the bearing.

The lubrication is fully automated and changeovers can be programmed into the plant maintenance schedule.

GreaseMax® ensures that as a warm or hot bearing cools, the slight vacuum normally created does not draw in foreign material.  A continuous supply of fresh lubricant flushes out any foreign matter, moisture or harmful chemical substances which may otherwise accumulate in the bearing if it is unused for some time.  A constant grease supply ensures that seals are lubricated and more effective in preventing contamination. This is particularly the case with labyrinth seals.  GreaseMax® change-overs can be programmed with plant maintenance schedules.

Reasons for Bearing Failure

Solid contamination 20%

Unsuitable lubricant 20%

Insufficient lubricant 15%

Liquid contamination 5%

Aged lubricant 20%

Other causes 20%

Bearing failure can be drastically reduced by the use of GreaseMax®.

Safety & Environment

Lubrication is cleaner and environmentally responsible; there is no excess lubricant affecting either plant cleanliness or the environment.  Safety is improved as operators are not required to lubricate hazardous areas. 


GreaseMax® has no electrical or mechanical components (which can contribute to unreliability). GreaseMax® has a steel body ensuring that it efficiently handles high output pressures and heat with total reliability and has the highest output pressure of any product of this type.

GREASEMAX®USA is the sole distributor within the United Sates of the German engineered automatic lubricating units which is rapidly becoming Internationally renowned for it’s proven reliability, cost-effectiveness, direct maintenance savings, improved production availability, reduced maintenance down time and elimination of some Occupational Health & Safety issues.

GreaseMax® is manufactured to the highest Quality Standards. As part of this commitment we will not introduce any element into the design of GreaseMax which can contribute to unreliability- such as electrical or mechanical components, plastic bodies, or by reducing components or using cheaper material including lubricants, to save on production costs. Grease Max® units are manufactured in Offenburg - Germany. Marketing Headquarters for GreaseMax® International is located in Australia, managed by Delta Distribution Pty Ltd.

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